….Saint Mary’s College in the San Francisco Bay area offers gender-inclusive housing assignments and a host of other LGBTQ resources.

“It is the intention of Campus Housing to make room assignments on how you, the student, identify,” Saint Mary’s website reads.

Saint Mary’s website references the college’s nondiscrimination disclosure as the basis for the policy.

The college states it has a “very active LGBTQIA student body” and refers to a list of what makes a college “safe” for LGBTQ students, including gender-neutral housing and bathrooms, access to transgender health care, and “signs of pride” around campus such as rainbow flags and pink triangles.

Saint Mary’s is named as “one of the most LGBT friendly Catholic campuses in the country” by New Ways Ministry, an organization that advocates for changing the Catholic Church’s teachings on same-sex marriage.

The college’s women’s center, intercultural center, and student-run PRIDE club on campus frequently host “queer” events highlighting and celebrating the LGTBQ community.

Saint Mary’s did not respond to requests for comment.

The above comes from a Sept. 9 story in Catholic World Report.