On Sunday, November 12, 2023, Father Greg Bonfiglio, SJ, pastor of San Francisco’s St. Ignatius Church, opened his homily:

“Last Monday I was talking with one of the priests of the University (the Jesuit University of San Francisco) about a letter that was issued by Archbishop Cordileone and Bishop Barber at the end of September, and it addressed the efforts that are going on in our popular culture promoting gender equality and transgender rights. I’ll let you imagine what direction that takes (laughter). I remember saying to Donal , my Jesuit brother, in a conversation ‘You know, the God that the archbishop seems to know and the God that I know are two very different Gods.”

The letter of Archbishop Cordileone and Bishop Barber Father Bonfiglio referred to, “The Body-Soul Unity of the Human Person,” may be found here.

For the next few minutes, Father Bonfiglio mostly talked about himself, before remarking “I remember him (Jesus) being proud of us several years ago when we hosted the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.”

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was covered in a July 7, 2021 Catholic Vote report, noting that they had made a recording which included the refrain “We’re coming for your children.” Less than three weeks later the chorus performed at St. Ignatius. This wa what Father Bonfiglio claimed Jesus was proud of.

The “Donal” Father Bonfiglio mentioned would be Father Donal Godfrey, S.J., author of Gays and Grays: the Story of the Gay Community at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish. Two of Father Godfrey’s observations pretty much indicate the thesis of his book:

“Is it less appropriate for gays to imagine Jesus as gay than for African Christians to picture him as black, Asian Christians as Asian?” (page 134)

“The Catholic Church is not a credible moral voice within the gay community” (page 153).

At the close of the homily, Father Bonfiglio said “Instead of the Creed I would like you all to turn to page 4 in your order of worship and from that perspective of experiencing God’s tenderness, God’s love as tenderness, kindness, and compassion, we will repeat with the choir the refrain (of the psalm) five times together prayerfully.”

The Creed is not optional at Sunday Mass (GIRM 68), but the deliberate omission may be consistent with Father Bonfiglio’s “God.”

The full homily may be found here. It begins at about 19:00.