St. Francis Catholic High School in Mountain View is fighting a $20 million lawsuit that claims it forced out two teenage boys because school administrators thought they had posed for blackface photos when they were actually wearing acne medication masks.

The suit, filed by the boys’ parents, claims school administrators didn’t take time to investigate before forcing the boys out because they were worried about the backlash the school would get at a time when racial issues were making the news amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This case seeks justice on behalf of two high school students — boys whose reputations and young lives have been crippled by the malicious and egregious actions of their own high school and members of its community. In defendants’ hurried attempt to ensure their perception as social justice warriors in the face of an unfolding scandal, and without any efforts to ascertain the true state of affairs,” the suit states.

The suit says the photos had been taken three years earlier, before the boys entered St. Francis, when they were suffering from acne and used a treatment on their face.

The suit claims the school gave the boys a choice — either leave or be expelled.

“This was done in a transparent, virtue-signaling attempt to be perceived within the community as ‘fighting against racism,’ regardless of the true facts and context,” the lawsuit says.

In response, the school’s attorneys don’t agree that the masks were part of an acne treatment. Other students circulated one of the photos on Spotify and Instagram. On June 4, school officials learned about the photo and sent out an email condemning it. Within two days, the families of the students — faced with the ultimatum of leave or be expelled — removed the boys from St. Francis….

The above comes from a March 1 story in the Daily Post.