Last November we announced that Cal Catholic was going to rely on mostly volunteers.

Since then we have been able to do so, reducing our costs to about $900 a month.

At the same time we have experienced some of our highest numbers ever.

In mid-April, we got a record number of daily visitors – 10,500 unique visits in a single day.


Our comments have grown to the highest level of any Catholic website in the United States.

On April 5, the story on Cardinal Mahony and Benedict XVI drew 142 comments.

On April 8, the Oregon math teacher story – 108 comments

On April 9, one of our first stories on Pope Francis – 147 comments

On April 13, Bishop Blaire on gun control – 270 comments

On April 16 the SEIU rep at Most Holy Redeemer – 108 comments

On April 20 the Boy Scouts story – 197 comments

On April 24 the San Jose diocese story – 118 comments


One day a month

Consider sponsoring one day a month on Cal Catholic.

For $30, we will be glad to mention you as a sponsor on the day you choose.

We would be glad to ask our readers to pray for your special intention that day.

To let us know the day and the prayer intention, please indicate it along with your check.

Or email us at

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In search of a running car

Our editor, Bob McPhail, receives nursing care from a Tijuana family with three small children. The family must drive across town to help Bob out, and their min-van is running on ingenuity and grace.

If anyone has a running car that they can donate to this family, we would be glad to accept it as a donation to the non-profit Cal Catholic, Inc.

In fact all donations to Cal Catholic are tax-deductible.


Thanks and God bless our faithful readers.