The following comes from a Mar. 14 story in the Orange County Register.

Despite impending battles over hot-button issues, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino is urging parishioners without health insurance to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Bishop Gerald Barnes’s letter, coaxing his flock to obey the law of the land, will be read during all Masses this weekend at the 91 parishes in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The bishop’s message comes days after Catholic organizations filed a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that insurance policies require birth-control coverage.

Dozens of businesses and other religious groups have filed similar suits alleging that money paid for healthcare will then be used by the federal government to subsidize contraceptives and abortion, which are morally unacceptable to Catholics.

Barnes is worried that the Catholic Church’s vocal opposition to the parts of the law that deal with coverage of contraception and abortion services led some Catholics to believe the church opposes the entire Affordable Care Act, said John Andrews, a spokesman for the diocese, which covers Riverside and San Bernardino counties and 1.6 million Catholics.

“These factors do not mean that we, as Catholics, should disobey the new health care law,” Barnes said in the letter. “If we happen to have an insurance plan that includes services that are objectionable to our faith, which most plans in California do, our response is to not utilize these services. We do this through an informed conscience and reflection on the teachings of our Church about the value and dignity of every human life and God’s plan for creation.”

The Diocese of San Bernardino appears to be the only one in Southern California to make such a move. The Diocese of Orange or Bishop Kevin Vann do not plan on making a similar announcement, said spokesman Ryan Lilyengren.

“Any outreach in Orange County in connection with healthcare is being done by Catholic Charities of Orange County,” he said….

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The following comes from a Mar. 17 email from a San Diego reader.

I have uncovered a corrupt situation occurring with Catholic Charities which just opened a new office in City Heights. This particular CC office is being used as a front to sign up Obamacare patients via the California program and Medi-Cal and to sign up even more people for food stamps. There doesn’t seem to be anything Catholic or charitable occurring in this particular office. Even worse, the office is located on the side of the building housing the district office of pro-abortion Congresswoman Susan Davis.