The following list was assembled by the Diocese of San Jose liturgical commission, the office of liturgy, and 12 local music ministry directors:
All Is Ready – David Haas
Topical: Unity, Gathering Bible Reference:

  • Welcome and Wanted – Zack Stachowski
  • We Belong to You – Trevor Thomson; Victoria Thomson
  • All Are Welcome (All Belong)- Jesse Manibusan, Jennah Manibusan
  • All Are Welcome- Marty Haugen
  • In This Place- Trevor Thomson

Blest Are They – David Haas
Topical: Justice, Kingdom of God
Bible Reference: Matthew 5:3-12 (Beatitudes)

  • O How Blest – Dan Schutte
  • We Are the Light of the World – Jean Anthony Greif
  • Lead Me, Lord – John D. Becker

Magnificat – David Haas Topical: Mary
Bible Reference: Luke 1:46-55

  • My Soul Rejoices- Jackie Francois
  • Holy Is His Name- John Michael Talbot

Now We Remain – David Haas
Topical: Mission, Paschal Mystery, Salvation
Bible Reference: 2 Corinthians, 1 John 1, 2 Timothy 2

  • Two Were Bound for Emmaus – Bob Hurd
  • Alleluia! Love is Alive – Sarah Hart
  • The Servant Song – Richard Gillard
  • We Who Hunger Come to the Table – Hurd/Cortez
  • Caminemos con Jesús/Let Us Walk With Jesus – Tony Alonso

Psalm 139 – Before I Was Born – David Haas
Topical: Comfort, Trust Bible Reference: Psalm 139

  • These Alone Are Enough – Dan Schutte
  • Behind and Before Me – Cyprian Consiglio
  • O God You Search Me- Bernadette Farrell

Send Us Your Spirit – David Haas
Topical: Holy Spirit,Mission

  • Envía tu espíritu – Bob Hurd
  • Psalm 104 – Send Out Your Spirit (Haugen/Alonso); Lyric Psalter
  • Holy Spirit – Ken Canedo

Song of the Body of Christ – David Haas
Topical: Unity, Real Presence, Eucharist

  • Bread for the World – Bernadette Farrell
  • The Supper of the Lord – Lawrence Rosania
  • Take and Eat – Michael Joncas
  • Here at this table – Janet Sullivan Whitaker
  • Ang Katawan Ni Kristo – Manalo
  • Somos El Cuerpo de Cristo – Jaime Cortez

We Are Called – David Haas
Topical: Discipleship, Humility, Justice, Kingdom of God, Ministry, Mission
Bible Reference: Micah 6:8

  • We Are Called to Serve – Tim Smith
  • Take the Word of God – Christopher Walker
  • If Christ is Lord of All – Zack Stachowski
  • God Has Chosen Me – Bernadette Farrell
  • God Sends Us Forth – Tony Alonso
  • Go Out, Go Out – Curtis Stephan
  • Can We Love – Tom Booth
  • A Rightful Place – Steve Angrisano
  • Go Out in the World – Ed Bolduc

We Have Been Told – David Haas
Topical: Love of God for Us
Bible Reference: John 15:5

  • I Have Loved You – Michael Joncas
  • Come Unto Me – Bob Hurd
  • As Christ is For Us – Janet Sullivan Whitaker
  • We Remember – Marty Haugen

We Will Rise Again – David Haas
Topical: Comfort, Healing, Perseverance
Bible Reference: Isaiah 40:11, 26, 29-30, Isaiah 41:10

  • Rise Again – Christian Cosas
  • Only in God – John Michael Talbot
  • Shelter Me, O God – Bob Hurd
  • You Are Near – Dan Schutte
  • In Every Age – Janet Sullivan Whitaker

You Are Mine – David Haas
Topical: Call, Comfort, Healing

  • Be Not Afraid – Bob Dufford, S.J.
  • Like a Child Rests – Christopher Walker
  • Come to Me, All Who Labor / Vengan a Mí los Agobiados – Jaime Cortez
  • Day of Peace – Janet Sullivan Whitaker
  • All Shall Be Well – Carol Browning and Christopher Walker
  • O God You Search Me – Bernadette Farrell

The above comes from a July memo from the San Jose diocese.

The following comes from an Aug. 3 memo from the Sacramento diocese.

Dear Fathers and Liturgy Coordinators,

In recent weeks, disturbing information has come to light about liturgical composer Davis Haas. Mr. Haas is the composer of a number of songs used frequently in liturgies in a great many dioceses, including the Diocese of Sacramento.

Mr. Haas has been accused of multiple instances of sexual abuse of young adult women and of using his professional standing to coerce women into sexual activity and exploit the vulnerability of women who previously have experienced abuse.

As the news of the allegations has spread, more accusers have come forward to describe extremely troubling actions and trauma. Mr. Haas’ publishing company has severed ties with him, and his home Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis has prohibited concerts by Mr. Haas, appearances at diocesan events and the use of his music in archdiocesan liturgies. Other dioceses, including Los Angeles and San Jose, have taken similar actions.

….Until further notice, we ask pastors and liturgical coordinators in the Diocese of Sacramento to suspend the use of David Haas’ music by Friday, August 14, 2020.