A newly relaunched Catholic website aims to educate parents, pastors, and teachers about gender ideology, which the website’s founders believe young people are often being exposed to without adults’ awareness.

Person and Identity, an online project of the Catholic Women’s Forum in Washington, D.C., features information about current trends in gender ideology, scientific evidence against those ideologies, and explanations of Church teaching on the topic. Its goal is to promote a Catholic vision of the human person.

Dr. Susan Selner-Wright, a philosophy professor at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado, told Catholic News Agency that the project aims to provide the most up-to-date information about the current trends in society regarding gender.

The site defines “gender ideology” as “a false system of beliefs about the human person, premised on the idea that ‘human identity becomes the choice of the individual.’”

“[Gender ideology] asserts an individual’s ‘right’ to ‘transition’ to a desired identity, using social, medical or surgical interventions to ‘feminize’ or ‘masculinize’ the body’s appearance,” the site reads.

“The vision that the Church teaches of body-soul unity really is irreconcilable with this idea that someone can be born in the wrong body,” Selner-Wright noted.

Selner-Wright said the site represents an “evolution” of an initiative that began in 2016, when the Catholic Women’s Forum had a meeting with presentations from historians, theologians, doctors, with the theme of gender ideology.

After the meeting, members of the Forum began giving presentations on the topic of gender ideology in their home communities and elsewhere. Eventually, in response to demand, the Forum launched the website, buoyed by a grant from the OSV Institute, so as to reach more people.

It also includes testimonies from doctors who do not support the idea of gender transition, and warnings about “gender therapists”— most of whom, Selner-Wright said, are trained to affirm and recommend transition….

The above comes from a Feb. 16 story on the site of the Catholic News Agency.