The following comes from a Jan. 23 story by Orange County Catholic.

It stands out among iconic art works in Western culture and certainly Catholicism: Michelangelo Buonarroti’s depiction of God, bursting from the heavens surrounded by angels to reach with an extended forefinger to touch the hand of man.

Although “The Creation of Adam,” is the best known of the images painted on the ceiling of the famed Sistine Chapel, it is just one masterpiece amid a canopy of magnificent holy art in the space. 

Beginning Saturday, April 13, viewers will have the chance to witness some of the greatest art outside of the Vatican as they tour “Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Exhibition” on the campus of Christ Cathedral. 

The Sistine Chapel Exhibit features 35 licensed photographic reproductions of the famed 16th century frescoes that adorn the chapel, including full-sized renditions of ceiling panels, and two 40-foot by 40-foot renderings of the massive “The Last Judgement” fresco.

Unlike the original display on the chapel’s 44-foot high ceiling, the artwork will be mounted in a way to allow close inspection. 

According to the show’s literature, “Guests who have already visited the Sistine Chapel will find a new way of observing the art. Visitors who have never seen the originals will be intrigued and inspired to visit the Sistine Chapel at some time in the future.” 

The arrival of the exhibit adds to a robust calendar of concerts and events that will bracket the official dedication of Christ Cathedral on July 17. “This is the launch of a whole new era,” said Hank Evers, director of marketing for the Diocese of Orange. 

Since the Diocese acquired the property at Christ Cathedral, it has looked for ways to make the campus a religious and cultural hub, not only for Catholics, but the entire community. 

Evers says the exhibit will reach far beyond the campus boundaries to draw people from across Southern California, as well as some of the 17 million tourists that visit Anaheim every year. 

Tickets range from $18 for general admission adults to $5 for children on school tours. The nine-month run of the show, April 13, 2019 to January 11, 2020, will be its longest.