The following comes from a Jan. 14 email send by the Bioethics Defense Fund.




For the sixth year in a row, Louisiana has been ranked as number one in the nation on the Life List [compiled by Americans United for Life] for enacting laws that protect unborn children and women’s health from the practices of the abortion industry.


Last year alone, Bioethics Defense Fund (BDF), a public interest legal and educational organization, was consulted to craft the following cutting-edge model bills by Louisiana legislators:

(1) ban on abortion providers (like Planned Parenthood) giving instruction in public and charter schools (La. Rep.

Frank Hoffmann);

(2) Point of Rescue task force for sex trafficking victims brought into abortion clinics (La. Rep. Barry Ivey),

(3) Disability rights protection in state materials on Down syndrome prenatal diagnosis by prohibiting the discriminatory suggestion of “termination;” (La. Rep. Joe Harrison), and

(4) women’s health protection requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges to provide care when complications occur (La. Rep. Katrina Jackson) (pending in federal court).