California Catholic Daily exclusive by Eric Francis.

Local pro-life advocates joined the #sockit2pp (“Sock it to Planned Parenthood”) national tour downtown San Diego on Tuesday November 14 to denounce U.S. Senator Kamala Harris and her cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood. 

Students for Life of America arrived with a truck filled with hundreds of thousands of baby socks, parked at Sixth Avenue and A Street outside of Harris’ office and flung its doors wide open for the mid-day rally.  

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins started the rally by comparing the display of baby socks to the shoe display in the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum, which serves as a reminder of the dignity that was stripped away from human beings.

After growing increasingly frustrated at the fact that Congress and the president hadn’t delivered on their promise to defund Planned Parenthood, Hawkins began collecting hundreds of thousands of baby socks from pro-life groups around the country. In April, she laid them out in Washington D.C. in “pile after pile after pile” to serve as a reminder of the dignity that is stripped away from humanity by abortion. 

“It didn’t matter who walked by our baby socks; young, old, white, black, liberal, conservative, male, female, pro-life, pro-choice, no matter who walked by our baby socks, every single person was affected, because they saw for once the humanity,” stated Hawkins.

Alexandra, a pro-life college student, spoke next about how “Planned Parenthood has lied to women…they tell women they are the only health centers that support women, when the reality is that for every Planned Parenthood there are 20 health centers readily available to help women.”  

She stated, “I am here to today to stand for all millennials who have been lied to about Planned Parenthood.” She closed her remarks saying, “I call upon Senator Harris to listen to the youth, to listen to all of us, that we do not need abortion.”

The third speaker spoke of her pregnant friend in San Diego whom Planned Parenthood refused to help because she did not want an abortion.  She described the positive ways Students for Life is helping women on college campuses such as providing baby-changing stations.

The fourth speaker, Vicki of El Cajon 40 Days for Life, described the racist eugenicist origins of Planned Parenthood and how today they have “covered up sexual abuse, statutory rape, child prostitution and they prey on the innocent.  They have been caught selling baby body parts.”

The last speaker described how she regretted taking the abortion pill during her last semester of college and now works for a local pro-life medical clinic, Culture of Life Family Services, which runs an abortion pill reversal hotline

Hawkins concluded the rally by donating a basket of baby socks to Culture of Life and giving a closing statement, “Thank you for calls and visits you will make to Kamala Harris’ office. I know this is California…I know she’s been funded by Planned Parenthood, but we can’t be silent.  We have to speak. We can’t become complacent. We have to continue fighting each and every day, until that day that Planned Parenthood will be defunded…until that day when no woman will have to feel that she has to choose between the life of her child and the life she has always dreamed of.”

Rally participants included representatives from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, South Bay 40 Days for Life and the Knights of Columbus, including Tony Villafranca, a candidate for the San Diego city council district 4 seat currently held by Myrtle Cole.

One counter-protester was reported. A man came from the building with Kamala Harris’ office holding a sign that read “my body my choice.” He tried to disrupt the rally and jump in front of their camera, but security stopped him. As of this publication neither Planned Parenthood nor Sen. Kamala Harris has responded to a request for comment or has issued a response to the Students for Life claim that Harris’ campaign has been bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood.