A sociologist at the University of California, San Francisco wants more comedians to joke about abortion, calling it “new ground” for television comedies to address.

The argument was made by Gretchen Sisson, PhD, a sociologist at the UCSF research group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), where she focuses on “representations of abortion and reproductive decision making in popular culture.”

In line with her research at the ANSIRH, Sisson just published an article in the new issue of the journal Feminist Media Studies arguing that the use of “abortion plotlines” in television shows could be a valuable tool to help “destigmatize” abortion.

”Comedy has often been used as a subversive way of challenging predominant social structures,” she added.

Not only could an abortion plotline be “funny,” but it could also help encourage mainstream support for abortion access because television can have a strong influence on popular culture, Sisson speculates, citing for example the rise of feminist and pro-abortion iconography based around the Hulu show The Handmaid’s Tale.  

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