A Southland couple that sued their doctors for allegedly failing to inform them of their in utero daughter’s Down syndrome in time for an abortion, settled their lawsuit Friday.

In the court papers, the couple said they would have aborted the wife’s fetus had they known she would be born with Down Syndrome. The allege their doctors did not competently performed tests showing their daughter would be born with Down syndrome. As a result, their daughter was born in 2014 with Down syndrome associated with congenital heart disease that required surgery shortly after her birth. The couple reached a settlement with two medical groups and three physicians, court papers obtained Friday show.

The terms of the settlement were not divulged in papers filed Thursday with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Victor Chavez.

The couple filed the wrongful birth/wrongful life case in June 2015 against Axminster Medical Group Inc., Westchester Advanced Imaging Medical Group Inc. and Drs. Glenn P. Wedeen, Christopher Meilleur and Mia J. Sanders Madati. The Mays had sought about $80 million….

The above comes from a Jan. 3 story written for Patch.com.