On a jewel of a day, with Christ Cathedral glittering in the morning sun, six new priests became the first class to be ordained at the flagship cathedral for the Diocese of Orange. 

A packed church enthusiastically greeted the new ordinands, whose Saturday, July 27 entrance into the priesthood was delayed so they could be properly welcomed at the new cathedral, which was dedicated just 10 days earlier. 

Erialdo Ramirez Alfaro, Scott Allen, Michael Nguyen, Daniel Seo, Joseph Squillacioti and Martin Vu represent the largest incoming group in recent years. 

Of the six incoming priests, three were assigned as parochial vicars to local parishes where they had already begun their assignments. Alfaro, 29, is serving at St. Cecilia Church, Tustin; Vu, 29, is with Santiago de Compostela Church, Lake Forest; and Seo, 29, is at Holy Family parish in Orange, where he celebrated a morning mass the day after his ordination. 

Allen, 34, Nguyen, 28, and Squillacioti, 43, return to Rome, where they will undertake postgraduate studies. Allen is attending the Pontifical North American College, where he will concentrate on Thomistic studies, or the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Nguyen will continue in canon law at Casa Santa Maria, and Squillacioti will also attend Casa Santa Maria, where he is pursuing advanced classes in liturgical studies. 

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