Father Joseph Illo gave a 15-minute homily on Sunday, April 16 at Star of the Sea church in San Francisco, where he is the pastor.

“I see many people receiving he sacrament of Penance. You may want to mention to Father Michael that there’s a line all the way out to Geary Boulevard. Sometimes Father Michael is a little thorough in the confessional.

“Today is Mercy Sunday. Our Lord said these words to Saint Faustina (these words are from her diary): ‘I want the image solemnly blessed on the first Sunday after Easter. And I want it to be venerated publicly so that every soul may know about it.’

“St. Faustina had her extraordinary graces, visions from Our Lord, in the 1930s, between the two wars… John Paul II, in obedience to her private revelations, established the feast of Divine Mercy in the year 2000, six days after he canonized Sister Faustina. He wrote these words: ‘This was precisely the time with those ideologies of evil, Nazism and Communism, were taking shape. Sister Faustina became the herald of the one message capable of offsetting the evil of those ideologies ≠ the fact that God is merciful….’

15-second excerpt:

“Every one of us is going to Hell, if someone doesn’t rescue us on the way down. The mercy is a river flowing from the open side of Jesus. We must receive if we are to give mercy.”

(Full homily located here)