October 15, 2012

MEMO: TO: Pastors, Parish Administrators, Parochial Vicars, Deacons, and Parish

Marriage Coordinators

FROM: Rev. Vincent R. Juan, JCL


In light of the 2005 Instruction, Dignitas connubii, the Rotal jurisprudence, and the recent papal allocutions to the Roman Rota regarding causes concerning incapacities mentioned in Canon 1095 (1983 CIC), the Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Sacramento is searching for skilled individuals in the field of Psychology or Psychiatry to join our list of experts.

The individual will be asked to do the following:

– Write up a report based on the Acts of the case and the questionnaire provided

– Help diagnose the presence of any psychic anomaly or affective immaturity on the part of the petitioner and/or the respondent at the time of marriage consent.

– Indicate the method used to conduct the investigation.

The interested party must be:

–       A practicing Catholic

–       In good standing with the Church

–       In adherence with principles of Christian anthropology

–       With a Doctorate in Psychology or Psychiatry

Since the petitioner will be required to pay an additional fee for the use of psychological expert (see Tribunal Fee Schedule dated July 1, 2009), it would be of great service to those seeking annulment if the interested party can offer his or her services on a reduced rate or pro bono basis.

All interested applicants may submit their curriculum vitae to the Tribunal of the Diocese of Sacramento, 2110 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818. Attention: Rev. Vincent R. Juan, JCL, or Fax (916) 733-0224, or e-mail: VJuan@scd.org.

For inquiries, please call (916)733- 0231 or e-mail Fr. Juan.