Business was as usual this past Saturday at FPA but by God’s grace we had two lives spared and one turnaround.

One of the counselors spotted a couple pulling their car in the back of the building. The counselor walked over to them and handed them literature. The man received the information openly but his wife seemed to be more in a hurry. He listened as the counselor quickly gave information on the history of the doctor and the consequences of abortion, showing him a picture of a six-week old baby. At that point the woman was going up the steps. The counselor told them both to open and search their hearts and that this would change their lives. They went into FPA but came out several minutes later. The counselor tried to offer the woman a Rosary but she did not want to take it. However, they called Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) and went there for an ultra-sound. There at COLFS they chose life!

Sometime later another couple emerged from their car appearing in a hurry. The counselor told them both about the history of the doctor and they both stopped to listen briefly. Minutes later the boyfriend told her to get in the car. The woman told the counselor that this was a sign that she should not go there because she was not feeling good about it and wondered if she should be there. They left to go to COLFS. She was not very far in the pregnancy and they left undecided. It appeared her boyfriend was pressuring her. Sometime later another counselor at FPA noticed that they came back. Please pray for R., as her heart seemed to be open to life but she may have given in to the pressures of her boyfriend.

Two women drove into the lot later in the morning and talked to a counselor. They, too, were alarmed about the doctor and told the counselor that a friend told them to go to a clinic in Mission Valley. The counselor directed them to COLFS. They both agreed and drove away.  It was not determined at COLFS if B. was pregnant, and tests were being performed. Please pray for this woman that should it be confirmed she is pregnant that she choose life for her little baby.

Another counselor spoke with a Hispanic couple as they walked towards the clinic, and warned them of the doctor’s unsavory litigation history. After offering them a COLFS card and asking the woman how far along she was, he gave them a picture of a six-week-old unborn baby. The boyfriend handed it to his girlfriend, telling her what it was (she only spoke Spanish). She looked at it and said, “It’s ok, tell him thank you.” They entered the clinic and came out a few minutes later. A different counselor spoke with them, and they asked him if COLFS does free ultrasounds. After he told them they do, the couple thanked him and left.

Please pray that they continue to choose life.

-the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego