The following comes from a Jan. 8 story by The Tribune of San Luis Obispo.

An Atascadero woman claims she miscarried after a San Luis Obispo OB-GYN mistakenly prescribed her an abortion pill. Anderson — who was was between five and seven weeks pregnant at the time — is seeking general damages against the parties.

Anderson was seen by Dr. Maria Rasul and other staff at the center, and told them she suspected she was pregnant.

After confirming she was indeed pregnant, Rasul allegedly prescribed Anderson Cytotec, a brand name of the drug misoprostol, commonly referred to as the “abortion pill,” according to the complaint. The doctor neglected to inform Anderson of the nature and effects of misoprostol.

However, the lawsuit states that later on the same day of Anderson’s visit, Rasul and staff at the Women’s Health Center “were made aware” they had mis-prescribed the abortion medication and contacted the pharmacy to cancel the prescription. But Anderson was not notified of the error.

Anderson took the single tablet as directed that same day, and, as a result, her pregnancy was terminated.

Anderson’s attorney, Garrett May, explained that Anderson’s visit to the Women’s Health Center was her first after suspecting she was pregnant.

“She was very excited to learn she was pregnant, and she was looking forward to being a mother,” May said.