There were five prayer warriors who came at different times throughout the morning and one counselor. It was very busy day, almost nonstop through noon.  Two couples who had been given information came out within a very short time of going in to the abortion mill (minutes) but didn’t want to speak to the counselor.  They left without having the abortion.  Another young couple, T & R, who shared they had two children – the youngest just 10 months earlier, said they were there because the young woman didn’t have enough time now, for her other two children and this new baby would just make things harder.

The counselor spoke to this young couple for over 45 minutes, begging them to contact Culture of Life Family Services and to see their baby on the ultra-sound, and letting them know there was so much help available to them and the children they already have.  The counselor asked this young couple to consider open adoption, explaining what it is all about.  The young woman, who was the only one who spoke English, said she knew exactly how an abortion was performed and that she would “probably be punished for killing this baby by God”, but that she was “pretty sure” she was making the right decision.  The counselor continued to talk with her until the young woman said she wanted to talk to her boyfriend and so the counselor moved from the car and continued to pray.

After another fifteen minutes the young couple got out of their van and started to go into FPA. The counselor reminded them that she should feel the least bit uncomfortable that she should get up and leave, that even though she may think she was making the right decision, it would be the beginning of great sorrow for her, her other children and their relationship.  The counselor told them it was not too late, even inside, to get up and leave. Even though they were not Catholic, the counselor handed her a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a rosary to help her make the decision she and he could live with and reminded the young woman she was a strong person who could handle much more than she believed as evidenced by the life she was living now.  The young man, who spoke no English, appeared sad. The young women looked nervous as they entered FPA.  They were still upstairs when the counselor had to leave.

Please pray for these young women/couples that the Holy Spirit moves their hearts to choose life and for all those who had the abortion today that they are converted.

Across town at Planned Parenthood, First and Grape, downtown San Diego, 15 members of Our Lady of Angels Youth Group came and prayed the Rosary in Spanish, along with three others who were praying in support of two counselors.