One of the counselors talked with a young couple giving them much information on the horrible medical history at FPA and information on the effects of abortion. The counselor told them to open their hearts and that they were a beautiful couple. They went into FPA but came out about 45 minutes later. The counselor talked to the husband who said she was ok, but the woman had her face buried in his arms.

Very late in the morning a mother, daughter and her boyfriend appeared in the parking lot. One of the counselors talked in depth to the mother about the medical record of the doctor, telling the mother about a woman who wound up in the hospital from the doctor. The counselor told the mother that this was her grandchild and that it looked as though she were a good mother to her daughter, and that she could help her daughter get through the pregnancy. The mother softened a little but told the counselor the daughter knew what she was doing. The counselor told them about Culture of Life Family Services. They stood on the balcony for a long time and then went into FPA. They came out within minutes and left. The young girl smiled at the counselor and said she was most likely keeping the baby. The counselor gave the girl a pro-life bracelet and a Rosary. She told the girl to thank her mother. May God bless C. and help her to call COLFS to get good care.

Another woman came today from Calexico. After lying to a counselor, she went into FPA. While she was in there, one of the counselors spoke to the driver who had no idea she was there for an abortion. She tried to text the woman but she was adamant about the abortion. However, she came out without having the abortion. She told the counselor that she had another appointment. It might appear that she was too far along for the regular abortion. The counselor told her that this was a sign that God was giving her another week to choose life. The counselor urged her to call COLFS.

Another counselor spoke with two women going in. The counselor told them about the doctor’s record, related a personal story about adoption, and asked her to consider adoption. The counselor told her there was no going back if she decided to have an abortion. They listened and thanked the counselor, and then proceeded to the clinic. About a half hour later she and her friend came down, and they were both smiling. The friend said she did not go through with it. The counselor congratulated her on the decision and encouraged her to go to COLFS.