The following comes from a Jan. 4 email sent by Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

A counselor spoke with a couple on their way to FPA.  The counselor warned them about the dangers of FPA and the poor medical history of the doctor.  The counselor showed them what their baby might look like.  Though they seemed concerned, they began to walk towards FPA.  Another counselor spoke with them and both counselors pointed to the guard and told them he was there to coerce and escort them into the clinic.  They were concerned, but not enough to make them turn away.  They went upstairs but left moments later.  One of the counselors went to their car and talked to them.  It appears they did not like the aggressive nature of the guard and they felt pressure from the sidewalk counselors.  The sidewalk counselor apologized but told them that many women do not know what a baby looks like in the earliest stages.  The counselor urged them to go to Culture of Life Family Services, and the counselor called COLFS to make sure they could go there. The counselor told them it was a sign perhaps that they met, and maybe the sign was to keep their baby.   The counselor told the woman how many women have been helped to choose life for their baby.  At that, the woman became more defensive and they said they were leaving.  They pulled away.

Soon after, a young couple with a toddler began to walk to FPA.  They were escorted by the young woman’s mother. The counselor talked to them at length of the medical history of the doctor and told them of the many women going there today for abortions.  The counselor showed them a model of a 12-week-old baby and asked them why they would want to do this, since they already had a beautiful little girl.  The young woman was visibly downcast and appeared to be regretting being there.  Her mother told the counselor they could not afford another baby.  Her daughter was only 18.  The counselor handed her a blue rosary and told her that perhaps she was going to have a boy.  The counselor told her she did not have to listen to anyone upstairs, and she could get up and leave if she felt even one percent in doubt about this.  After they went up to FPA, the boyfriend came down and talked to the counselor again.  He told the counselor adoption was not an option and they could never do that.  The counselor tried to make him understand that abortion is killing a child, and adoption is giving a child a life.  He seemed to agree but went back up.  The mother came down with the baby and they sat in the van.  Shortly after, the couple came out on the balcony and prayers were started for them.  One of the prayer warriors talked at length to the young man and told them she would help them.  He told the prayer warrior that their insurance would not cover the abortion.  The prayer warrior and sidewalk counselor spoke at length to the woman’s mother and boyfriend about how they could get help.  It appears they are living in a very unsafe neighborhood.  The young woman’s mother broke down in tears because she did not want her daughter to be there, and did not want her to have the abortion, but she felt they had no choice.  The prayer warrior offered assistance and they accepted.  The mother texted her daughter and told her to come down right away.  Shortly after they came down and all exchanged hugs.  The young woman began to cry when she saw her mother crying.  The young woman told the counselors she did not want to have an abortion.

They left and followed the prayer warrior who is going to help them.  The mother of the young woman told the prayer warrior that she felt so bad taking her daughter to the abortion mill, but thanks be to God it all worked out in the end, and now this young couple will have another child.  They are in great need right now to find an apartment and they need many prayers.

Right now they are in urgent need of an apartment in a safe neighborhood.  They will gratefully accept your help and therefore we are asking if anyone knows of a place for them to stay or is willing to help them re-locate.  These miraculous moments do not happen so often and therefore we are asking for your help in finding them a place to stay.

Please contact Louise at if you can offer help.