The following comes from a Nov. 15 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Thankfully business was a little slower than usual at FPA this morning. However, one baby lost is one too many and abortions were still taking place. Thanks be to God one couple went into FPA and left without having an abortion.

One of the counselors gave the husband a brochure on the medical malpractice of the doctor. He was in a hurry and did not want to talk with the counselor. The counselor called to the woman as she neared the elevator and told her that they were worth much more than this place could offer. After a short time they came out and walked down the balcony and sat on the steps. They sat there for almost 30 minutes. Another counselor tried to talk to them and told them how special their baby was and that he was just trying to save lives. The man told the counselor they needed space to talk. They went back into FPA but came out about 45 minutes later and left. The counselor told the husband it was good they were leaving. He declined to take any more information. Please pray for this couple who appeared to be on the fence about the life of their child.

There was an unusually somber moment in front of FPA this morning. A prison transport van brought a woman in a wheelchair, escorted by two armed guards who removed her shackles and handcuffs before taking her upstairs to have an abortion. We are sure the prison system was not forcing her to have an abortion, but it was disturbing nonetheless, to see this helpless woman in a wheelchair being escorted by armed guards to have her unborn baby aborted. We weren’t permitted to approach her or talk to her. Please pray for this woman.