Stephanie Shrieve-Hawkins, the athletic director at SFSU, the same school where former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted by transgender thugs last weekend, claims that a “gender bias” against women is fueling the belief in the athletic superiority of trans athletes.

“You’ll notice that especially transgender male to female is the one that people are focusing most on because it’s a gender bias in a way…” Shrieve-Hawkins said via an article published by the Golden Gate Express.

“What does that say about women, that women aren’t strong?” she continued.

Shrieve-Hawkins also blamed our society’s intense focus on athletic competition for causing people to form what she believes are false perceptions of trans athlete superiority. “It’s just with this athletics [perspective], we live in this society that’s so competitive,” she said. Shrieve-Hawkins added that opposing trans athletes hurts “inclusivity.”

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