The debate over abortion continues to be one of the most controversial and hotly contested issues among young people today, and no where does that tension play out more intensely than on America’s college campuses.

Recently, pro-life students set up displays at two of arguably the most liberal campuses in the nation: San Francisco State University and Columbia University. The displays prompted emotional debates, vandalism and more.

At San Francisco State on Tuesday, the College Republicans there set up a pro-life display that including chalking “unborn lives matter” and pink flags honoring aborted babies.

In videos and photos made available by the group on Wednesday, fellow students can be seen pouring water over the chalk messages and wiping it away with their feet.

When a member of the College Republicans asks why they are destroying their university-approved display, one student vandal responds it’s her First Amendment right to shut down speech she disagrees with.

“Destruction isn’t the answer. But should we be surprised when the left has been canonizing criminals and encouraging lawlessness for the last year? Abortion is murder and these students need to hear that; the truth hurts, and we will keep putting the truth out there,” said Nancy Barragan, president of the College Republicans at SFSU, in a news release….

The above comes from a Nov. 17 story on the College Fix website.