Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco slammed puberty blockers and other transgender procedures for children last week, calling the experimental practices “terrible” and an affront to the “created order.”

“There’s so much scientific evidence of the harm this does to children, giving them puberty blockers, and not just in terms of their sexual development but otherwise, too, [and] in other aspects of physical health,” the archbishop said in a video interview with the Daily Caller.

“It’s terrible,” he said. “But the other side has captured the narrative and many people have been duped into thinking this way. It perplexes me, I don’t know how anyone could think that something that’s so obvious as ‘a boy is a boy and he needs to grow into being a man,’ … can be a question.”

Cordileone identified transgenderism as a consequence of a broader rejection of sexual complementarity between men and women. “I think it’s the next step of getting further and further away from the original created order of ‘male and female he created them,’” he said. “God created the human race male and female with the sexual complementarity, and the more we deny that and get away from it, the further and further away it goes.”

The archbishop also revealed to the Daily Caller that bishops are currently working to “give some guidance” about the “very alarming” trend of transgender procedures for minors. “This is a discussion that is emerging among the bishops and we are in the works of trying to grapple with this and give some guidance to our people,” he said. 

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