The following comes from a July 6 California Right to Life Committee report by Camille Giglio:

On July 13, the Senate Appropriations Committee will hear AB 329 Pupil Instruction-Sexual Health Education authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, (D-San Diego). California Right to Life has been the only group officially opposing this bill from its first hearing in the Assembly Education Committee to its last hearing in the Senate Education Committee where the Capitol Resource Institute finally got on-board.

Phone calls must be made by Friday, July 10, to the Senate Appropriations Committee, to urge a “no” vote: 916-651-4101.

Here are exerpts from the Senate Education Committee analysis of the bill that, if you are up on Planned Parenthood prose, should alarm everybody:

  • Instruction and Materials must be age appropriate.
  • All factual information presented must be medical accurate and objective.
  • Instruction…must encourage a student to communicate with parents about human sexuality, teach respect for marriage (gay and straight?) and Committed relationships. (Remember the GenderBread Man?)
  • Beginning in grade 7 materials must teach about abstinence but also other ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and the effectiveness and safety of all federal FDA approved contraceptive methods (California education code 51933).
  • Grades K-6 to provide comprehensive sexual health education (comprehensive means teach them everything in a manner that they will understand, so they don’t change the information just the words used to get their point across).
  • Merges HIV/AIDS education and sexual health education. (This is what California Right to Life Committee thinks that Planned Parenthood had already been doing in the Acalanes High School district.)
  • Expands the components of the instruction – including treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • Instructs the students to decrease their use of injectible drugs when experimenting with sexual choices.
  • Modifies and adds information about the effectiveness and safety about the treatment of HIV and other infections.
  • Adds information about students legal rights to access local resources for sexual and reproductive health care.
  • Requires instruction on pregnancy to include discussion on all legally available pregnancy outcomes including:

Parenting, adoption and abortion. (adoption for the gays who are functionally sterile).

Instruction and materials must teach students about gender, gender expression, gender identity and explore the harm of negative gender stereotypes.

Changes definitions of HIV/AIDS Prevention to be HIV prevention, family planning to contraception and sexually transmitted diseases to sexually transmitted infections.

Clarifies that outside consultants and guest speakers providing instruction must have expertise in sexual health education and HIV prevention and that consultants and guest speakers must have knowledge of the most recent medically accurate research on the related topics. (This excludes everyone but Planned Parenthood.)

Should you wish to call each individual senator, here are their numbers:
Sen. Ricardo Lara, (D) Chairman – 916-651-4033
Sen. Patricia Bates (R) V. Chairman – 916-651-4036
Sen. Jim Beall (D) – 916-651-4015
Sen. Jerry Hill (D) – 916-651-4013
Sen. Connie Levya (D) – 916-651-4020
Sen. Tony Mendoza (D) – 916-651-4032
Sen. Jim Nielsen (R) – 916-651-4004

Report prepared by California Right to Life Committee, Inc., 1920 Monument Blvd., #309, Concord, CA