The following is from a Jan 30. story by Catholic News Agency.

Lansing, Mich. — The author of a book on Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality and chastity is accused of forming a sexual relationship with a minor about 15 years ago.

Daniel Mattson is the author of the 2017 book “Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I reclaimed my sexual reality and found peace,” and a frequent speaker on the Church’s teachings on homosexuality.

On Monday, a man whom CNA has identified as Jonathan Wright alleged on Twitter that he and Mattson began in the early 2000s an online relationship that eventually included sexual interaction via webcam and phone. No physical contact is alleged to have taken place.

Wright said Mattson provided him with prepaid telephone callings in order to keep the phone sex a secret from his parents. The two spoke almost daily for three or four years, Wright alleged.

He said that the relationship began when he was 13 and Mattson was around 30.

“He knew I was only 13,” Wright tweeted Jan. 28.

Eventually, Wright alleged, the relationship came to an end. He said Mattson had a relationship with a woman, and the two stopped talking.

“Dan now tweets about homosexuality being a sin. He seems kind and only wants ‘children of God’ to be treated with dignity/respect. But he still believes my relationship with my husband is a sin.”

”I just hope for justice… I would like if Dan would talk on it.”

Mattson was not available for comment.

Mattson’s book recounts his own experience with homosexual attraction. He has said that he had his first homosexual experience at age 32, and that eventually, after dating a woman because of his desire for family life, he converted to Catholicism and embraced the Church’s teachings on homosexuality, committing to live chastely.

It is not yet clear whether Mattson will face charges in connection to the man’s allegation.

Mattson’s book is published by Ignatius Press. Ignatius said it ”was unaware of this alleged misconduct until the accusation was made this week.”

”Dan has been forthright about the sinfulness of his past life and he has sought to encourage people to find new life in living chastely… we understood from Dan Mattson’s own account of his life that before he became a Catholic he engaged in many sinful sexual activities, which he has repented of.”

“We recognize that what is alleged to have occurred happened before Dan Mattson’s conversion to the Catholic faith. Yet, this allegation concerns… civil law implications and it involves harm to someone who was a minor when it allegedly occurred, which is deeply troubling.”