The following comes from a July 9 story on the Washington Post’s Wonk Blog.

The Guttmacher Institute, which tracks these things, on Monday released its regular look at the state of abortion regulations.

Taken together, these 17 states (full list here) have passed 43 abortion restrictions. That pales in comparison to the 80 such laws that had passed by this time in 2011 and is just slightly higher than restrictions enacted last year. It’s also a huge jump over the dozen or so laws that states would typically pass just a few years ago.

As to how states are restricting abortion, the most common restrictions Guttmacher saw were those that tried to regulate abortion clinics in a specific way, such as requiring them to become certified as surgical centers. Five states have passed laws like this so far this year, including North Dakota and Alabama.

Four states passed laws that prohibited the use of telemedicine in abortion procedures. Two states, Arkansas and Pennsylvania, have taken steps to restrict abortion coverage in the health plans sold on the new health law marketplaces. See more here, in a chart from Guttmacher detailing all the new restrictions.

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