The following comes from a Feb. 19 release from Californians for Life.

Abortion appointments are scheduled every 10 minutes each Friday at Family Planning Associates, 2322 Butano Drive, Sacramento. We are there at the sidewalk to pray and to save lives.

A young man walked out to smoke a cigarette. I asked, “May we give you some information?”  He walked over and I showed him our list of local resources including Alternatives Pregnancy Clinic and Sacramento Life Center.

I showed him the fetal models, conveying the exact size and development of a baby at 7-8-9-10 weeks of pregnancy.  His eyes got real big and he took an even closer look. He said his girlfriend was inside, having an abortion at 12 weeks, upon the advice of Kaiser, who had told the young couple “something didn’t look right”.  The young couple had not been given a diagnosis, had no idea what might be wrong with their baby, were not given the opportunity to see an ultrasound or hear their baby’s heartbeat, just given a referral for an abortion.  The young man took the information and rushed up to rescue the woman he cherished and his child!

Soon, they both walked out of the abortion business!  Thanks be to God!

The young woman definitely did NOT want to have an abortion! We hugged them with great joy, showed them more information, talked through their concerns, exchanged contact information, and assured them we would be there to walk this journey with them!  For any type of fetal diagnosis, there is help available through ministries such as