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Thomas Perez, whom the U.S. Senate confirmed today as the new secretary of labor, has boasted of prosecuting pro-life activists, attempted to allow the government to define who is a “minister” in parachurch organizations, and has a history of meeting with the most extreme proponents of the transgender political movement.

The Senate confirmed Perez by a 54-46 party line vote. The all-Democratic vote was an historic moment, the first time a Cabinet member was confirmed with the votes of only one party, according to the Senate historian.

However, six Republicans – Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Mark Kirk, John McCain, and Lisa Murkowski – voted for the cloture motion that allowed the vote to go forward on Wednesday.

Perez was allowed to sail through confirmation despite strong Republican misgivings about his competence and integrity after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to end the use of the filibuster. Perez and two other Obama nominees were allowed to be confirmed in exchange for retaining the parliamentary stalling device.

Obama nominated Tom Perez in March to replace the former secretary, Hilda Solis.

Last September Perez boasted, “We have opened 20 civil investigations under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, and filed eight complaints under the Act – compared to just one civil FACE Act case in the eight years of the previous administration.”

But his dogged pursuit of pro-life activists has earned his department a hefty fine – and a federal judge’s suspicion he was colluding with abortion providers.

Last April, the Justice Department paid Mary Susan Pine $120,000 in lawyers’ fees after wrongly accusing her of violating the 1994 FACE law. The judge speculated in his opinion that Pine’s prosecution, shepherded by Perez, had been carried out in collaboration with a Florida abortion provider to punish her for her advocacy.

Although Perez, who headed the DOJ’s civil rights division, did not win a single conviction, he said prosecutions such as that of David Hamilton were “absolutely crucial” to assure “that those individuals who desire reproductive health services be able to obtain them in an environment that is free of interference.”

Perez helped draw up the Obama administration’s legal brief in the controversial Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC case. The administration lost the case at the Supreme Court in a rare, 9-0 decision joined by both Obama-appointed justices.

Perez has also been part of the Obama administration’s catering to radical transgender activists.

In March 2011, Perez represented the Department of Justice at the National Summit on Gender-Based Violence Among Youth, sponsored by the Departments of Education, Justice, and Health and Human Services. Among those invited was Harper Jean Tobin, policy counsel at National Center for Transgender Equality, which has lobbied officials to force schools to:

Tobin later remembered having an “inspiring” conversation with Perez….

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