The following comes from a December 18 EAG News article by Victor Skinner:

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Kindergarten parents in San Jose threatened to pull their kids out of school today after the school board canceled a Santa field trip over a single complaint from a Jewish mother.

For at least a decade, kindergarten students at Sartorette Elementary School have participated in a “Dear Santa” assignment that includes a trip to a local coffee shop to visit with the big man himself. But last week, school officials announced this year’s trip is canceled, citing a complaint from a Jewish mother identified only as Talia, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

“Talia, a certified California teacher herself who requested her last name not be used, says she didn’t like the fact that one religion, Christianity, was the focus of most of the December teachings in the school. Specifically, she didn’t like her daughter writing letters to the North Pole for two days in a row, dressing up as reindeer, and a big annual field trip to the local coffee shop where the kids sit on Santa’s lap and ask for presents,” NBC Bay Area reports.

“This is not a Jewish issue for me,” Talia told the news site. “It’s an inclusion issue. We can’t spend five days on just one culture. That’s fostering intolerance. When Christmas is given the same time, or less time, than American holidays, like Veterans Day, then kids don’t feel as American.”

School officials buckled and canceled the Santa trip.

Many parents are in a rage over the decision, and many have vowed to take their children out of school to go through with the field trip on their own.