Dr. Scott French is on a spirit-led mission to share the scientific evidence of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist….

An emergency medicine physician and former Stanford professor may seem to be an unlikely messenger. But French is a member of the advisory board of Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer’s Magis Center, whose mission is to turn the rising tide of unbelief in our culture through contemporary, rational and science-based evidence….

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone invited French to speak about “21st-Century Eucharistic Miracles” at the Archdiocese of San Francisco’s Eucharistic Congress held this past June at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption. In his presentation, French linked similarities between 21st-century Eucharistic miracles, biblical passages and the Shroud of Turin, which he viewed in 2015….

In one sense, a Eucharistic miracle occurs at every Catholic Mass when the substance of bread and wine is changed into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus, said Father Spitzer. However, 21st-century Eucharistic miracles provide us with validated scientific evidence that it truly is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus. These more recent Eucharistic miracles demonstrate that the consecrated hosts not only miraculously “bleed” human type AB blood but are living cardiac muscle tissue possessing living white blood cells:

– 1996 in Buenos Aires, Argentina: This was the first 21st-century Eucharistic miracle that was extensively studied by multiple physicians and scientists, including Dr. Frederick Zugibe, a renowned cardiologist and forensic pathologist at Columbia University in New York. His findings were published in 2005. When interviewed about his findings, Zugibe stated his amazement about the sample he had just examined in his forensic lab:

“When I was later told that the heart tissue was kept in tap water for about a month and transferred to sterile, distilled water for three years, I indicated that it would be impossible to see white blood cells or macrophages in the sample. Moreover, it would be impossible to identify the tissue per se, as there would be no morphological characteristics.”

– 2006 in Tixtla, Mexico: A consecrated host began to effuse a reddish substance during a Mass. Dr. Castanon Gomez, clinical psychologist from Bolivia who specializes in brain biochemistry, led a team of eight scientists from four continents in an in-depth investigation. The former atheist-scientist-turned-Catholic reported the following:

“Real blood with cells originating from live tissue is being exuded from the consecrated host. The source of that blood is live cardiac tissue in the center of the host. The blood is being exuded from the inside-out (with the liquid blood being inside and flowing toward the exterior where it is coagulated).”

– 2008 in Sokolka, Poland: A priest accidentally dropped a host while distributing Holy Communion, and it was placed into a container of water. A week later, the host had a red stain on it. Two separate medical schools in Poland examined the consecrated host and found:

“The substance of the host and the substance of the heart tissue are so closely intermingled as to be virtually inseparable and unproducible by current technologies. The tissue part of the Sokolka host is cardiac tissue. The cardiac tissue is that of a dying man—the tissue is still alive.”

– 2013 in Legnica, Poland: On Christmas Day, a consecrated host fell on the floor and was put into a container of water to dissolve. As in all the previous 21st-century Eucharistic miracles, the consecrated host did not dissolve and instead, the substance changed to type AB blood in living heart tissue that was under severe stress, as indicated by the living white blood cells in the heart tissue, surviving for months outside of a human body….

Dr. French has dedicated 2023 and 2024 to making presentations on 21st-century Eucharistic miracles at parishes and schools within the Archdiocese. To bring this compelling presentation to your parish, contact Nicolle Dougherty at nicolle@sfeucharistrevival.com.

Visit www.magiscenter.com to learn more about 21st Century Eucharistic miracles.

From Catholic San Francisco