Archbishop Cordileone and St. Patrick’s Seminary has invited Dr. Scott Atlas, special advisor to the President on the White House Coronavirus Task Force in 2020, to speak at the seminary in Menlo Park on Tuesday, March 28, 5:14. His topic: After the Pandemic: Restoring an Ethical Society.

From a Stanford Review interview with Dr. Atlas:
“I was asked to be an advisor to the President and to join the task force in late July 2020. In early 2020, I was writing my book about reforming the healthcare system, but I saw early in March that logic, common sense, and fundamental understanding of medical science were being thrown by the wayside. Instead of protecting the people who were at high risk, the government was locking down everyone and doing an inadequate job protecting the high-risk people. This was not only against common sense or logic, but there was a fundamental absence of critical thinking at the WHO-level about what the risk of mortality was.”

In November, 2020, the Stanford faculty senate condemned Atlas.

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