A Planned Parenthood health clinic operating at a Paso Robles housing complex recently stopped providing services after anti-abortion activists pressured the property owner, the organization said.

The satellite clinic operated for two months at Canyon Creek Apartments in Paso Robles, a Peoples’ Self-Help Housing complex where an existing health center was already operating.

Thirty-two patients visited the clinic during its first month of operation, according to the organization.

Full story at San Lois Obispo Tribune.

The community of Paso Robles CA closed their local Planned Parenthood by raising public awareness about the atrocity of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in our country, and by pointing out that women can get healthcare from other clinics that do not kill human life. See GetYourCare.org for healthcare locations near you.

Be encouraged!  Be inspired!  This can happen in your community too!  This Saturday, April 28th, communities all across the country will participate in the National Protest Planned Parenthood (click for list of locations or to register your city).

From Californians for Life newsletter.