The following comes from a June 28 email from Father Perozich, forwarded to California Catholic Daily by one of our readers:

Satan’s latest attack is in the souls of 5 judges, 2 of whom received the Spirit of Jesus through baptism in the Catholic church, all of whom are Jews or Christians, but listen to the lies of the evil one in their hearts. In their infidelity to their God in their hubris they overturn His law for marriage through bad jurisprudence in imposition of their personal interpretation of an amendment that had nothing to do with marriage.

Homosexual desire remains an emotional, psychological developmental deviation that drives the person to commit acts against nature outside the bond of marriage which is only between a man and a woman. Homosexual desire is a spiritual iniquity, a drive in the soul to divide the sufferer from God and reunite him around Satan. Homosexuality is also a force imposing its will on society to pervert is ethical and moral unity with the Creator, and oppressing people to accept it or to be punished.
Homosexuality is a force that silences and perverts God’s truth about man, his nature, marriage, sexuality and its use.

Even though people, including many Catholics will worship the state instead of God in this decision, Holy Church continues to invite all suffering same sex attraction to conversion in the church to chastity and full communion. Holy Church also invites those who have been converted away from God’s truth back to it in Jesus Christ.

Psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory (not truth) of moral development gives some insight as to how people’s morality is formed and lived. Yet without God as the source of informed conscience, morality will be skewed.
• OBEDIENCE & PUNISHMENT: a child is good to avoid being punished, and if one is punished, then he did something wrong.
• INDIVIDUALISM AND EXCHANGE; the child discovers that sometimes there is not just one right or wrong way that has been handed down.
• PEER APPROVAL: wanting to be acknowledged as good by others, and therefore does what others say
• OBEY THE LAW: to avoid guilt by obeying the law. Unfortunately once a law exists, people fail to question bad laws or try to change them. Many people will not go beyond this social construct in Kohlberg’s theory.
• RIGHTS VS. LAW: sometimes laws don’t respect rights, so the person works against the law.
• PERSONAL PRINCIPLES: regarding rights, justice, and equality, people develop and defend their own ideas of these things. While these may not be true in relation to the human being, the person who holds these defends them to the end.

It is very easy then for the evil one to deceive those who are educated and even some who are intelligent by getting them to think they need to move beyond God and to hold their own opinions.
This is called the Original Sin: I will decide for me what is right and wrong. Religion is a fiction and cannot play a part in it, or religion must be separated from the state such as come claim in order to divide people from God’s rational thought and convert the same people to perverse thinking.

In the beginning of creation God was uniting man around Himself with attention, affection, and approval, filling man with grace from God’s very self symbolized by the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden.
God also was sharing His wisdom with man in the depth of man’s soul, saying “do this, shun that” symbolized by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man was cautioned not to experiment on his own to decide what he liked or disliked, but to follow God’s counsel. When man sinned, he lost access to the Tree of Life and death came to all men.

The devil is the protagonist of this story. His goal is to divide man from God through pleasures or fear, and to reunite man around Satan in order to control man and to dominate man.

The devil’s tactics are:
• TEMPTATION: presentation of a reward or punishment to influence the choice of man.
• DECEPTION: presentation of part of the truth in order to draw man away from what is right and wrong.
• LIE: a falsehood to undermine what man knows to be true.
• SEDUCTION: the process of convincing man to do what man knows he should avoid.
• ACCUSATION: to have the man reidentify himself according to the sins that the man has committed, rather than as a son or daughter of God

The ability to transmit life and to love are among the strongest powers residing in man. They are expressed through sexuality in emotional love and bodily union. The gift is so powerful that its true freedom is found in the boundaries of sacramental marriage and chaste living. Satan’s tactics divide sexual expression from marriage and chastity through fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, rape, prostitution, self satisfaction. The intellect becomes deformed. The heart, the seat of desire, becomes deformed and weak toward evil and away from the freedom of self control. The actions drive a man away from man’s Heavenly Father and into the arms of his new chosen father, Satan.
The process of division and reunification is used also by Jesus, who told us that He has not come for peace but for division: to divide us from sin and Satan and to reunite us around Himself for God the Father.
The battle of Evil attacking and Faith prevailing plays out in our lives each day in the lives of men. It plays out in attacks against our biological, psychological, emotional, socio-political, ethical, moral, and spiritual lives. Jesus has won the war. We have to fight daily against the satanic tactics with the power of Christ in prayer, word, sacrament, mercy.
Marriage is the life long union between one man and one woman for the purposes of leading the other to heaven in love and for the creation of new life, should God grant that to the couple.
Marriage is a gift from God to man. Marriage is part of the divine law given by God to believer and unbeliever. It cannot be redefined by positive law, that is a law that man posits in his executive, legislative or judicial government.
Homosexual unions considered marriage is at the end of the line of Satan’s undermining of human sexuality. It began in our souls with temptations to fornication and adultery. It was undermined further by easy divorce. Contraception, removing procreation from sexuality followed. Weakening of family development for children without fathers made it worse. Prostitution, fornication, procured abortion, pornography, all contribute to the perversion of human thought desire and action.
True Catholics in the church will work on their personal conversion. They will invite homosexuals to convert. They will uphold marriage between man and woman.
”The Church is the only thing that saves men and women from the “terrible indignity of being children of the age.” – G .K. Chesterton