Since things seem to be moving in a positive direction, the Santa Rosa Diocese is planning to end the dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass beginning with Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021. Please note, however, that persons who continue to have fears or who are somehow compromised in terms of health, incur no sin if they truly desire to attend Mass but decide that to do so would be dangerous for them. We will continue to be serious about observing all safety protocols and, if conditions change and we return to the RED or PURPLE tiers, then an extension of the dispensation will be considered. It is the desire of Bishop Vasa that the lifting of the dispensation will apply to the whole Diocese, but individual county consideration is also possible.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Sonoma County moved into the Orange Tier in regard to Covid-19 regulations. This means that we can allow for 50% capacity (~220) at all Masses. We all still need to be aware of the need to wear masks and to do our best to keep our distance from non-family members while in the pews. All pews are now open and will continue to be sanitized after each Mass.
Thank you for your continued cooperation.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Epperson

We have resumed Confessions being heard in the confessionals in the Cathedral. The normal Confession schedule is 3-4:30 p.m. every Saturday. Confessions will also be heard, once again, during most weekend Masses. Confessionals contain a sanitizing ultra-violet light that is activated after each person leaves, so please remember to alternate use of each confessional. For your safety, if you notice that the UV light is on when you are about to enter the confessional, be sure that you are entering the alternate side or check the other side. As necessary, knock on the priest’s door and remind him to turn off the UV light.

The above comes from a May 16 announcement from St. Eugene cathedral in Santa Rosa.