The following comes from a May 10 Santa Clara University press release:

In a time of heightened global attention to racial and social issues impacting people of color signified by unrest across the nation’s campuses, Santa Clara University President Michael E. Engh, S.J., has convened a Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion.

The decision to establish a commission followed a discussion within the Board of Trustees, about the nationwide state of campus racial climates. Student leaders in the Unity 4 campus initiative on campus have also provided significant input.

The move signals the president’s commitment to a serious, long-term approach toward resolving systemic challenges.

He has enlisted leaders from the Silicon Valley and the local community to serve on the Commission. They will leverage their significant experience with advancing diversity and inclusion in delivering on their charge.

The Commission, which is expected to make formal recommendations in the fall, will examine ways in which the University can better recruit, retain, and support minorities who are underrepresented in students, faculty, and staff.