In an Oct. 29 email, several Santa Clara University administrators said an incident the night before “further damages the trust and faith that we are working so hard to build.”

During the virtual meeting, John Loretto, the assistant director of Campus Safety Services, had a postcard of the law enforcement symbol on a bookshelf behind him. The administrators said the symbol is “widely considered to be an effort to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement and its universally important goals,” according to the email.

The school’s College Republicans club criticized the university and the Santa Clara Multi-Cultural Center for sharing an Instagram post from another group that called the Blue Lives Matter sticker a “white supremacist icon” and an “anti-Black symbol,” Campus Reform reported.

The post also called for Loretto to be fired.

“We are disappointed in the university’s decision to label this an incident of hatred and in their subsequent calls for his firing,” Eoan Harrison, president of Santa Clara University College Republicans, told the news site.

In a statement to Fox News, the university said is “steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and to building a Santa Clara community where all are welcome.”

The above comes from a Nov. 6 story on Fox News.