Santa Clara University (Jesuit) expelled the life-size statue of the “Apostle of California” from its original place of honor on campus grounds.

Saint Junipero was dubbed a “controversial symbol”, carted off, and put in “storage….”

In fact, the Jesuit university established a “Working Group” to decide the fate of the saint’s statue.

Here are some of the pro-indigenous “recommendations”:

  • Develop an exhibit about Ohlone culture and minimize St. Junipero.
  • Erect a “statue of equal or greater presence” to represent Ohlone natives.
  • Feature an Indian “dancer” or “Ohlone figure known for active resistance.”
  • Talk about the “devastation” of the Catholic Missions.

The above comes from a Nov. 26 email from TFP Student Action via a California Catholic Daily reader.