The following comes partly from a November 14 posting on the website of the Cardinal Newman Society.

Lisa Fullam, an associate professor of moral theology at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley at Santa Clara University, is taking to the pages of Commonweal to once again tout gay “marriage.”

Fullam essentially spikes the football over the gay “marriage” votes that took place last week: “The affirming states are the 7th, 8th and 9th states to do so, here for the first time by popular vote. These states won’t be the last: poll data shows that this is a generational issue. Younger voters are strongly supportive of equal marriage rights for lesbian and gay Americans. Here is one example of how Catholics are hanging on to the good news of Catholic Social Teaching, at least as they see it.”

Fullam then takes it one step further (or more) to say that Catholic teaching may be well served by endorsing gay marriage: “Magisterial teaching against same-sex CIVIL marriage hinges on the category of procreation, seemingly asserting that the institution only has social value because children might result. But our own teaching on marriage is richer than that–marriage has value that includes procreation (or not), but also reaches beyond that important but ultimately merely biological category to encompass all the richness of living in committed relationships. Perhaps this is a moment when Catholics voting for marriage equality are showing that they have indeed learned the lessons of Catholic teaching, both the social teaching of the equal dignity of all people and our own rich heritage on marriage.”

This isn’t the first time that Fullam has made outrageous statements about marriage. Earlier this year she wrote, “But times are changing. In the end, it will be love, and the dignity of every person’s striving to love as well as we can, that wins the day.”

Fullam, in another piece that appeared in Commonweal, went so far as to suggest that Catholic teaching demands that Catholics recognize same-sex marriage. “Can we call it ‘marriage’ for straights and ‘unions’ for same-sex couples in the civil realm and not fall afoul of the Catechism’s insistence that unjust discrimination against LGBT people is wrong?”

According to Santa Clara University’s website, Fullam taught a Sexual Ethics class to students last year. According to its syllabus, the course’s objective was preparing students to be “able to present Roman Catholic magisterial teaching on sexual ethics, and to engage other ethical viewpoints.”

Father Robert John Araujo, S.J., a professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, wrote about why he believes Fullam is wrong on this issue at The Mirror of Justice.

Father Araujo raises an important point — particularly salient to readers of this blog — whether it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy when radical theology teachers say young people don’t agree with the Church’s teaching as those theologians may very well be the ones responsible for changing their students’ minds against the Church.

Father Araujo writes: “I can see how she contends that increasing Catholic support is becoming a ‘generational issue’ because more and more young people are being subjected to teachings which use the moniker ‘Catholic’ but, in fact, are not. As the More than a Monologue initiative partly sponsored by Fordham and Fairfield Universities illustrated and which I have previously discussed on these pages, nominally Catholic institutions of higher education, which have an extraordinary influence on the young, are not teaching what the Church teaches; moreover, these institutions are not exploring why the Church teaches what she teaches in spite of assertions to the contrary.

“For the most part at many institutions that claim the moniker ‘Catholic,’ students are being exposed to a shadow magisterium which is a corruption of rather than intellectual fidelity to Church teachings on the neuralgic issues of the day including marriage. While these young may be receiving a great deal of education, they are not receiving the wisdom of the Church….”

You can read Father’s entire piece at Mirror of Justice.

Or the original story on the Cardinal Newman website, here.