….In San Marcos, Councilmembers Randy Walton and María Nuñez introduced a resolution last week that would state the city’s support for Proposition 1 and urge local voters to support the measure.

Mayor Rebecca Jones said the measure was “divisive” and was outside’s the Council’s role as a nonpartisan body. The Council voted 3-2 to table the resolution indefinitely.

“I don’t accept the premise of the question that a woman’s reproductive rights, namely a right to privacy and a right to choose, are ‘partisan,’” Walton said via email. He said he didn’t introduce the resolution as a candidate for office, but as an elected official.

Jones and Walton are both running for mayor this November.

Vista’s City Council heard a similar resolution, introduced by Councilmember Katie Melendez, that would state the city’s support of Proposition 1. That was replaced by a resolution by Councilmember Joe Green stating city officials stand by California state law protecting reproductive freedoms.

Both resolutions failed.

The above comes from an Oct. 5 story in the Voice of San Diego.