A TikTok influencer who teaches young people how to buy sex toys online and “unlearn purity culture” has been outed as a “sex educator” who works for a Planned Parenthood chapter in California.

Mariah Caudillo, who has over 418,000 followers on TikTok, works for Mar Monte Community Clinic in San Jose, a Planned Parenthood affiliate that offers sex education services to more than 220,000 people annually in California and Nevada, Fox News reported.

On her TikTok page @sexedfiles and other social media platforms, Caudillo advocates for “pleasure-based sex education” and argues that age need not be a determinative factor when it comes to deciding when to become sexually active.

In one video, Caudillo — who often takes sex-related questions from young people — is asked how old one must be to purchase a sex toy, which she calls a “spicy toy.”

….Last June, Caudillo appeared on the self-described “feminist podcast” Sex Ed with DB, in which she took questions and discussed “unlearning purity culture through sex education.”

During the podcast — which begins with promos for lubrication products and “incredible” sex toys — Caudillo described her childhood in terms of her family’s faith.

“I grew up very religious,” she told host Danielle Bezalel. “I grew up very conservative and in a Christian Evangelical home, so this really set the tone for the way that I understood myself, the way I understood the world, and it was very toxic….”

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