The following comes from an Oct. 7 story in The Valley Catholic from the San Jose diocese.

The month of October has been declared by the Vatican as Respect Life Month.

“This month brings a higher level of awareness of the dignity the Catholic Church has,” said diocese of San Jose director of social ministries Ruben Solorio. “Respect life is not just pro life or anti-abortion, but it is when we celebrate a life that respects and promotes the Gospel. This is an awesome opportunity for us. This is the ability to be able to hold on to someone throughout their entire life.”

Solorio said the focus of some in the respect life movement is abortion, but he emphasized it is so much more complex than that.

“It’s about children on the border and we want to end capital punishment,” he said. “It is about end of life issues that are so important.”

How important is respect life to the diocese of San Jose? Solorio, whose office is in charge with overseeing respect life activities in the diocese, said they are in the process of hiring a full-time respect life coordinator. He hopes to have the position filled by November 1. Solorio said the position is being funded due to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

“Among their job responsibilities will be chairing the newly formed respect life council,” he said. “They will also work with the parishes to engage them more as a way to build awareness of this ministry.”
The diocese of San Jose has several activities planned for October and respect life.

According to Solorio, 4 parishes (St. Lucy’s, St. Frances Cabrini and St. Mary’s, Los Gatos in October and St. Joseph Cupertino, November 18-19) are confirmed to host pro life ministries, bottle drives to raise money for their respect life ministries. In addition, the Knights of Columbus will host a breakfast or lunch before or after Mass at those parishes to raise money for respect life activities….

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