One of the last all-women’s catholic high school in San Francisco announced that it’ll close its doors at the end of this school year.

Mercy High School, founded in 1952, announced in an email that a “decreasing enrollment and lack of significant endowment” played a roll in their decision.

Several freshmen, sophomores and juniors have one thing in common Friday night: uncertainty.

Standing in a circle one of Mercy High School basketball players asked her friends: “where are we going to go?”

Questions that arose after Mercy High School announced via email that this independent Catholic school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy for the last 68 years will close this June….

Mercy High School explained in an email. Saying in part:

“The combination of decreasing enrollment, the lack of a significant endowment, and rising operating expenses has made it impossible for the school to maintain financial stability. The basic demographics and economics in San Francisco have changed and many families can no longer afford to live in the city and pay tuition on top of the cost of living. The mission of the Sisters has been to educate young women, regardless of the ability of their families to afford a Catholic education….”

The above comes from a Jan. 10 story on ABC’s Channel 7 in San Francisco.