A Catholic deacon who is openly homosexual has continued to write salacious reviews of obscene movies for a “gay” newspaper in San Francisco for at least a year since Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was informed of his activities, LifeSite has learned.

Over a year ago, in June 2017 the archdiocese told LifeSite that Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, was concerned about Deacon Brian Bromberger’s writings, but later acknowledged that the archbishop had met with Deacon Brian Bromberger and had allowed him to continue writing for the publication while exercising “careful discretion” over subject matter, given that it was his only source of income at the time.

The articles, written by Deacon Brian Bromberger, have included numerous positive reviews of sexually explicit movies depicting homosexual acts.

The articles have been published in the homosexualist Bay Area Reporter, a publication that openly celebrates sexual perversion and mocks the Catholic Church on its front page. Bromberger has written for this publication since at least 2014, while functioning as a deacon in various Catholic parishes.

Now LifeSite has verified that, in the months since the archdiocese’s director of communications assured LifeSite that the deacon’s articles for the Bay Area Reporter were “part of the review process” being applied to him, the deacon has continued to write movie reviews and other articles for the newspaper that speak approvingly of obscene movies about homosexual relationships and even directly attack the Catholic faith.

After raising the issue of Bromberger’s writings with Archbishop Cordileone’s secretary in June of 2017, LifeSite’s questions began to be referred to the archdiocese’s Director of Communications, Mike Brown, to whom LifeSite sent extensive evidence of Bromberger’s articles and their content. LifeSite also sent information to the archdiocese about a gay “workshop” that Bromberger had done at a Catholic parish, called “LGBTQ gifts for the Institutional Church.”

LifeSite again contacted Brown in January of this year, sending evidence of several new Bromberger articles for the Bay Area Reporter containing lascivious and morally subversive material. Brown then told LifeSite that Archbishop Cordileone had met with Bromberger personally for a second time, in December of 2017, and that he “has discussed these matters with the Archbishop,” and that he “has been counseled about his freelance work.”  

Brown also indicated that although Archbishop Cordileone had “asked” Bromberger to find a different job, he had also indicated that Bromberger should exercise “discretion” in his writings for the Bay Area Reporter. Moreover, Brown claimed that Bromberger was trying to “reach” people on behalf of the Catholic Church.

Brown told LifeSite that Bromberger’s “freelance writing in the Bay Area Reporter (BAR) is his only means of income, and this has been the situation for quite some time now.” However, he added, “At the same time, he has been asked to look for a more suitable publication to write for.  Under all these circumstances, the Archbishop has reminded him of the need to exercise careful discretion in the topics he chooses to write about, as he proceeds with his hope to reach people who otherwise would have no contact with the Church.”

In recent communications, Brown agreed that the articles were in violation of an agreement that Archbishop Cordileone had made with Bromberger, and claimed that the issue was important to the archbishop, but that he was out of town traveling and wouldn’t be able to address the problem for some time.

Brown added that Bromberger was continuing to be counseled and that an unnamed person who is monitoring his articles has noted some positive change in their content. 

Finally, Brown said that Bromberger had not carried out any workshops since he had been placed in a process of review by the archdiocese last fall. LifeSite then informed Brown of the announced LGBT workshop done by Bromberger in January of this year. Brown replied,  “I was misinformed,” and added, “Further, the Archdiocese was unaware of this speaking engagement and if it did occur it is certainly a violation of the agreement with Deacon Bromberger.”

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