California Catholic Daily exclusive by Anna Rose:

Thomas Myron Hooker was a beloved fixture at Star of the Sea Church in the Richmond District of San Francisco. When Mass was being celebrated or when the church was empty, Thomas was often found in the back in prayer and keeping a watchful eye on the church. Always cheerful and smiling, Hooker, a member of the San Francisco homeless community, will always be remembered as part of the Star of the Sea family.

Neighbors will miss his sweet smile and kind words in his usual spot on Clement and 9th. Arnold and Jean Low had been bringing food to Thomas daily for the last twenty years. Sadly, they were the ones to find his body on the morning of October 26 when they dropped off his regular meal.

Thomas was featured in a 2015 documentary on mental illness called “Voices,” a trailer for which can be found here. It’s easy to see why he will be dearly missed in the community. He was so loved that many, from the priests at Star of the Sea to the people from the neighborhood, offered to find him shelter or to give him a tent, but he always refused.

Star of the Sea will hold a funeral service for Thomas Hooker on Monday, November 7th, at 7PM. His parish family invites all to attend and pray for their beloved Thomas and to celebrate his life. In lieu of flowers, donations of non-perishable foods such as pasta, tomato sauce, dried fruit, canned soups, canned vegetables, cooking oil, ramen, canned sausages, rice, beans, dry cheese, etc., or financial contributions, may be made to Star of the Sea’s Outreach for the Homeless program. Star of the Sea is located at 420 Geary Blvd., San Francisco.