The effects of COVID-19 have manifested in many ways in the lives of parishioners and parishes throughout our archdiocese. Not being able to attend Mass during this holy season of Lent is particularly difficult.

Parishes and parishioners are facing a variety of challenges. One of the primary challenges for our parishes is the loss of offertory funds due to the suspension of Mass. Offertory gifts support salaries of parish staff members, programs and ministries, maintenance of our buildings and grounds, and many other vital components of our parish life.

There are several ways you can continue making your offertory contribution.

You can give online through your own parish website (if your parish offers online giving), through the archdiocesan website (, by mailing your giving envelope to your church, or by dropping it in the mail slot at your parish office. All gifts, regardless of amount, are very beneficial and greatly appreciated.

If your parish does not have online giving, using the archdiocese link is easy – just select your (or any) parish name from the drop-down menu, enter the amount of your gift, etc.

If possible, please consider an amount that equals your regular offertory contribution.  Pastors will be most appreciative, and they will be inspired to know that they can depend on receiving your continued support.

In spite of these uncertain times, there are many indications of parishioners continuing to vibrantly live our faith.  Our parishes have been livestreaming Masses, virtual rosary rallies have taken place, and other celebrations of the Holy Spirit are occurring.

We will emerge from this situation even stronger as a faith community, and we pray for the day that we can again share the holy sacrifice of the Sunday Mass as a family.

The above comes from a March 29 message to Catholic San Francisco readers from Rod Linhares, director of development for the archdiocese of San Francisco.