A group claiming the San Diego Unified School District’s unanimous board vote in March to rename Junipero Serra High School was unlawful plans to file a lawsuit on Wednesday.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs seek to stop the process and have the district start over so the community can give more input. 

“This is another example of the ‘cancel culture’ mentality that radical leftist people in education are trying to force on an unwilling American public,” attorney Charles LiMandri, whose law firm is involved in the lawsuit said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Father Serra was a great defender of the indigenous people of California, and he deserves our best efforts to defend his legacy.”

The school district plans to rename the Tierrasanta school Canyon Hills High.

Paul Jonna, a partner at LiMandri & Jonna, said the board violated the Brown Act, which requires public notice of a vote along with California and Federal Due Process and Establishment Clauses, according to the Tribune.

“They held a virtual hearing to vote to change the name,” Jonna said, according to FOX 5. “No one from the community knew about this hearing. The hearing took place basically in secret.”

School Principal Erica Renfree said all students and their parents were notified of the meeting and given the chance to weigh in, the Tribune reported. 

Jonna said the principal’s actions “have pandered to a false and historically inaccurate narrative and have demonstrated an unconstitutional animus towards this Catholic saint,” the Tribune reported.

Attorney Charles LiMandri added, “Government cannot show hostility toward religion or preference for one religion or another or cannot show hostility to any one religion.”

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