The following is from the text of an email sent to CalCatholic on April 5, 2017:

Dear Fellow Catholics,

Do you get frustrated and feel somewhat powerless when your Bishop says or does something contrary to Church doctrine?

A group of my Catholic friends and I decided it is time to send a message in a way that will bring a stop to this silliness, at least in the Diocese of San Diego. Our Bishop McElroy has decided it is more important for him to encourage political disruption (in support of Obamacare, which enforces anti-Catholic provisions) than it is to support Catholic theology in the public square.

Bishop McElroy certainly needs our prayers. But prayer without action is not enough. We need to hold him accountable for his actions. We can do this through the collection box. We have created Athanasian Currency to send a strong message that we won’t support the bishop when he strays from Catholic doctrine.  The message is… “No Doctrine equals No Dollars.” Together we will send a powerful message.

Too often, Catholics get frustrated because they withhold their donations without the necessary message, so their protest ends up not meaning much. Or they send a letter to the bishop that is ignored and lacks clout.

This initiative— launched in the Spirit of St. Athanasius—– will send a proper message to the bishop that he can’t ignore.

Please visit the website for a full explanation of the Athanasian initiative. Then join us in sending a very powerful message to Bishop McElroy on April 30, 2017, which is the Sunday prior to the May 2nd feast day of St. Athanasius. From the website, print your own Athanasian Currency to place in the collection box on April 30th instead of your usual donation.

Athanasian currency contains a brief letter to the Bishop explaining how you are going to support Bishop McElroy through prayer rather than cash. In other words, you’re respectfully saying, “No Catholicism equals No Cash.” You can sign the letter if you choose or place it in the collection box unsigned. Either way, think of the potential impact your action will have!

Here is the link:

Please visit the web site and download your currency to place in the collection box on April 30th.