….To change your environmental habits, consider committing to the ecological daily examen included below.

‘An Ecological Examen’
A tool to reflect on gratitude, awareness, understanding, conversion and reconciliation (from https://www.ecojesuit.com/reconciling-god-creation-and-humanity-an-ecological-examen):

I give thanks to God for creation and for being wonderfully made. Where did I feel God’s presence in creation today?
I ask for the grace to see creation as God does — in all its splendor and suffering. Do I see the beauty of creation and hear the cries of the earth and the poor?
I ask for the grace to look closely to see how my life choices affect creation and the poor and vulnerable. What challenges or joys do I experience as I recall my care for creation? How can I turn away from a throwaway culture and instead stand in solidarity with creation and the poor?
I ask for the grace of conversion towards ecological justice and reconciliation. Where have I fallen short in caring for creation and my brothers and sisters? How do I ask for a conversion of heart?
I ask for the grace to reconcile my relationship with God, creation and humanity, and to stand in solidarity through my actions. How can I repair my relationship with creation and make choices consistent with my desire for reconciliation with creation?
I offer a closing prayer for the earth and the vulnerable in our society.
Ecological Conversion

Seek one or two ecological practices to add to your normal faith life, like meatless Mondays and/or fish Fridays — don’t aim for radical change right away.
Embrace a new ritual, not results. Look for new eco-spiritual practices; prayerfully choose daily environmentally – friendly behaviors.
Do easy things such as praying a decade of the rosary every time you are pumping your gas!
Steer clear of old temptations, such as a favorite food item that comes in excessive packaging.
Subscribe to an eco-spiritual newsletter such as the Catholic Climate Covenant monthly, https://catholicclimatecovenant.org/newsletter.
And, of course, the Diocese of San Diego ministry of Creation Care is here to help you! Follow us on Facebook (San Diego Creation Care Ministry) and Instagram (@lpjsandiego). Reach out to Christina Bagaglio Slentz at cslentz@sdcatholic.org at any time with questions!

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