An organization that promotes child transgenderism among elementary school students sponsored an “equity conference” hosted by the San Diego County Office of Education.

An organization that enables child transgenderism, called TransFamily Support Services, which encourages transgenderism among young children, was one of the sponsors of the county schools’ 2023 Equity Conference, called “Equity is Love in Action.”

The trans group works to facilitate the transition of youth and states that its mission is to create a “gender affirming and accepting community.”

“Like Me” is the name of one program from the group that specifically seeks to encourage transgenderism among elementary school students. It aims to connect “gender diverse elementary aged youth with each other.”

“There is a general lack of that visibility at the elementary level,” the program description complains before going on to say “Like Me! aims to remedy that. We know for a fact that our gender diverse littles are not the only person like them in the country.”

The site also offers a program, called “Kyler’s Konnections,” for those who are “looking more for an older trans person to help guide you through your gender journey.”

The organization also runs a “gender junk” program, where it provides youth with makeup, bras, binders, packers, and other devices to assist them in their attempt to change their sex. “With the help of grants, we assist transgender youth in need to feel more at home in their bodies and alleviate gender dysphoria,” the site explains.

The program is specifically intended to provide the transition aids to youth whose families will not purchase them. “This program is open to folks who either don’t have the financial means to purchase their own items or don’t have affirming families that will purchase,” the website reads….

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